25th February 2018
Apple Smoked
West Country
Farmhouse Cheddar

Well, the new year’s getting under way at last and we’ve started filling up our calendar - see the Markets page for up-to-date info.

There have been problems getting hold of Cobblers Nibble so far this year - Gary’s been off work through illness and won’t have any cheese for another six weeks.

As soon as I’ve finished and uploaded this I’ll move onto updating the Facebook page - it’s waited as long as this site for my attention.

I’m thinking about changing some of the spices and spice blends this year and would be grateful for any customer suggestions for new products. If you have any ideas, you can email me at

I’m looking at developing a smoked Chinese-style five-spice blend, a barbecue rub and s KFC-style blend for chicken (but of course, I can’t call it that!)


Cobblers Nibble