22nd May 2018
Apple Smoked
West Country
Farmhouse Cheddar

Relaxed and refreshed after a couple of weeks sailing to and cruising around the Canaries, we’re readying ourselves for the onset of the busy Summer period.

There’s so much happening this year that I haven’t had space to update the Markets page beyond the beginning of July.

So there are lots more events to look forward to - Bosworth’s Garden Centre Summer Fair, Blakesley Agricultural Show, Blisworth Canal Festival, and Barnwell Country Park’s Kingfisher Food Festival.

As usual, I’ll post details of each event on Facebook a few days before.

We’re now heading into the time of year when smoking cheese, in particular, becomes tricky. If the temperature in the smokehouse rises above 24°C then it’s no longer cold smoking and, even worse, the cheese begins to melt.

So it’s up at stupid o’clock to get the cheese through the smokehouse before it gets too warm! Ho hum. Bring on Winter! :-)


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